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Roomba j7+ vs Roomba s9+

Robot vacuum cleaners are autonomous and can work on many types of flooring, including tiles, carpets, and hardwood. These devices are fully automatic and can work based on user-defined schedules. With 360-degree sensor coverage, they can crawl easily under beds and tables.

Unlike using standard vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to set aside time to clean up your home. Unlike your vacuum cleaner, these robotic cleaners are compact and can park themselves at an assigned spot after completing their tasks. Because they can easily fit in under your couch or bed, you don’t need to worry about allocating special storage space for them.

Robotic cleaners are so convenient because they have a self-charging feature and a docking system. When your robot runs low on battery, it will automatically dock and charge itself. After fully recharging its battery, the robot vacuum cleaner will resume its task based on schedules.

You may operate the robot cleaner with remote control if your home is unusually messy due to social or cooking activities. You can ensure a healthier living environment because pollen, debris, dust mites and dirt can be removed effectively from carpets. Health issues like allergic reactions or breathing problems can be minimized if you keep your home clean.

Roomba j7+ Features

The iRobot Roomba j7+ promises a hassle-free experience, with its scheduled cleaning time and ability to create maps of your interior layout. Here are the features of Roomba j7+:

Roomba j7 plus review
Roomba j7+
  • Self-emptying: It’s one of the best features of Roomba’s robot cleaners, which makes your cleaning activity a breeze. With its large dust bin, the Roomba j7+ can collect 60-day worth of dust and debris before being emptied.
  • Imprint Smart Mapping (ISM): Roomba j7+ maps out your home layout and it will remember each room, based on your individual preferences. With your voice assistant or iRobot app, you can prioritize cleaning tasks.
  • Scheduled cleaning: It’s a basic feature to tell your automatic robot vacuum cleaner to do its daily job. You may add personalized suggestions and get estimates of cleaning time.
  • PrecisionVision Navigation: It’s an AI-based feature to detect large and small obstacles, such as beds, tables, or hanging charging cables. You can add feedback through the iRobot Genius app to speed up the learning process. When Roomba j7+ encounters a new or unknown object, you will get a notification. You can label an object as a permanent or temporary obstacle in your home.
  • Smart Map Coaching: Roomba j7+ works best if it has a floor plan of your home. The iRobot app guides you to properly map out your home, so the Roomba j7+ will follow specific paths.

Roomba s9+ Features

The Roomba s9+ is a capable robot vacuum cleaner model, which can remove 99 percent of debris across different types of floors. Here are the features of Roomba s9+:

Roomba s9 plus review
Roomba s9+
  • Automatic dustbin emptying: The Roomba s9+ comes with a system called CleanBase, which has an automatic technology to empty dustbins. The enlarged charging base system includes a disposable bag and debris can be deposited directly into it. Although the bag is disposable, you can empty it easily and reuse it. Unless a family member has severe allergies, you don’t need to replace the bag with a fresh one.
  • Edge cleaning: With its square front, the Roomba s9+ makes it easier to clean up along straight edges and access corners.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: As a smart device, your Roomba s9+ needs a constant connection with the home network. It can integrate with voice-based assistance, such as Amazon Alexa and you can use verbal commands to control Roomba s9+.
  • Imprint Smart Mapping (ISM): Imprint Smart Mapping is Roomba’s proprietary technology that allows smart navigation. Users can create digital maps to navigate in a straight line and do zoned cleaning. This feature is available on your smartphone through the iRobot app. With its smart sensors, Roomba s9+ scans its surroundings 25 times per second to prevent bumps that slow down the cleaning process.

Differences of Roomba j7+ vs Roomba s9+

In terms of capabilities, Roomba j7+ and s9+ are quite similar with their excellent cleaning performance and advanced navigation features. Compared to the regular j7 and s9, these plus versions are equipped with a self-emptying clean base. Design, hardware, suction performance, accessories, and other features are identical, between the regular and plus version. But, there are other differences of Roomba j7+ and s9+ to be aware of:


Roomba j7+ has a round design, making it easier for the device to make turns slightly tighter. With its D-shaped design, Roomba s9+ works better at cleaning along edges and into corners. Roomba j7+ is bigger with 13.34-inch in diameter and lighter at 7.49lbs. Roomba s9+ is smaller at 12.25-inch in diameter, but heavier at 8.15lbs.


Both models have four major underside components. Spinning brush collects debris in corners and along edges. Edge sensors prevent both models to fall off or navigate off of edges. A brush roll removes dust, debris, and dirt from carpets or mats. A suction port sucks out any debris, which will be deposited to the dust bin. Due to its D-shaped design, Roomba s9+ has shorter bristles on its spinning brush. On Roomba s7+, the brush roll is shorter and located between the wheels and on Roomba s9+, its brush roll is located at the front. The Roomba j7+ has a front wheel, which allows better maneuverability, compared to the Roomba s9+ with its rear wheel.

Mapping and navigation

Both models are equipped with Imprint Smart Mapping (ISM), digital mapping, an onboard camera and straighter line navigation. With your iRobot app, you can assign names to each room in your house. However, Roomba j7+ has a couple of extra bells and whistles. The obstacle avoidance feature of Roomba j7+ is a combination of onboard camera and sensors, which can detect and avoid smaller objects, such as toys or Lego pieces. It also has the Clean While Away feature, so you can set Roomba j7+ to clean up the house only when you are away. Roomba j7+ and s9+ have comparable clean-up performance, but with its extra features, the former works better in some situations.


Roomba s7+ has a larger bag that can hold up the 60-day worth of debris, while the Roomba s9+ can accommodate only 30-day worth of debris, so you need to empty it more often. It is important to note that both models have different types of HEPA filters.

Suction power40x10x
Specialized corner cleanYesNo
Floor typeCarpets & Hard FloorsCarpets & Hard Floors
Avoid obstacles (cords, pets waste…)NoYes
Create favorite cleaning routinesYesYes
Compatible with Alexa/GoogleYesYes
Roomba j7+ vs Roomba s9+


It’s immediately apparent that Roomba j7+ has some extra capabilities and is on the pricier side, compared to the s9+. You should get it if you prefer a robot vacuum cleaner with a sleek design. It’s ideal for pet owners because Roomba j7+ with its obstacle avoidance feature can detect and stay away from pet waste. If you have a busy schedule, the Roomba j7+ is more convenient, because it can detect your presence and won’t cause unnecessary interruptions when the Clean While Away feature is enabled. With its larger dust bin, maintenance task is easier, because you can empty it every 60 days.

Get Roomba s9+ if you want to clean along with the edges because it has a D-shaped design. It’s safer to use for the upper floor of your home because Roomba s9+ can detect edges and avoid falling over. Due to its smaller diameter, Roomba s9+ can slip into tight spots for better cleaning performance. It has an excellent suction power that can work on any flooring material in your home. It has a self-emptying dustbin feature, so you can use the set-and-forget approach when using Roomba s9+. With its wider brush roll, Roomba s9+ can clean up your room in less time.