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Chamberlain RJO20 At Glance

One of the most known wall-mount garage door openers of this brand. Chamberlain RJO20 goes high in performance and durability. Although there are new models, RJO20 comes as the first choice for so many people living in U.S. and north in Canada.

A detailed review isn’t something you can read in this post. For a more detailed review, you can visit this RJO20 vs RJO70 link. Keep reading this post for those looking for specifications and a short product description.

Wall mount garage door opener: RJO20. It can be purchased with plenty of accessories and extension modules.

A battery backup option is also available.

Garage door opener Chamberlain rjo20
RJO20 opener

A quick look at the RJO20

Wall-mount: Chamberlain RJO20 mounts directly on either side of the garage door.

Direct drive mechanism ensures strong and quiet operation (open/close) of the garage door.


RJO20 specifications:

  • Operating input AC/DC: DC
  • Motion-Detection Light Activation Module: Yes
  • Smartphone Control Module: Yes
  • Timer To Close Module: Yes
  • Security/Lock Mechanism: Yes
  • Soft Start/Stop Mechanism: Yes
  • Code Type Compatibility: Security+ 2.0

Things we like about the Chamberlain RJO20

Wall-mount design is something many homeowners want to have in their garages. Wall mount frees up ceiling space, leaving that extra garage volume for additional storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more.

RJO20 comes with an Internet Gateway that enables smartphone control via myQ app. Furthermore, an Automatic Garage Door Lock deadbolts your garage door every time it closes. This mechanism ensures your garage stays secure leaving you all the convenience and zero percentage of any concerns while you’re away.

Not only does it save overhead space, a wall mount design virtually eliminates noise and vibrations. Paired with a direct shaft, Chamberlain RJO20 operates sturdy and it is noise-free. It is suitable for installation in garages near the living space in your house.

Chamberlain RJO20 works with Amazon Key, meaning it enables convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery. If you have Prime service, this comes in handy every time you make an order.