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Chamberlain B4643T At Glance

The new model from the Chamberlain brand comes with a code name B4643T and it is a bit skimpy compared to Chamberlain B6753T. However, all the differences come with a price difference in the end. In this post, we’re going to make a short review, and specifications for a Chamberlain B4643T garage door opener.

Chamberlain B4643T garage door opener
Chamberlain B4643T

Overhead – Ceil-mount garage door opener with strong and quiet belt drive. Chamberlain B4643T has it all.

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A quick look at the B4643T

Ceiling mount garage door opener B4643T has equipped with a single LED and integrated camera system. Furthermore, it is a belt-drive opener with a strongly enforced belt that provides durability and quiet operation.

An integrated camera system is something we like and you will also. With its camera, you’ll get a 140°wide-angle view in your garage while using myQ App from Chamberlain.


B4643T specifications:

  • Lighting: Integrated 1000 Lumens LED
  • Drive Type: Belt
  • Operating Power Input: DC
  • Soft Start/Stop: Yes
  • Code Type Compatibility: Security+ 2.0
  • Motor Power: 3/4 HP
  • Smartphone Control: Yes
  • Video: Yes

Things we like about the Chamberlain B4643T

This particular model (Chamberlain B4643T) is quite similar to B6753T, with a few drawbacks. It depends on what you need because missing modules doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll miss them. If you don’t need a double LED (2000 Lumens), and a single LED does the job, we don’t see why you should spend more money buying B6753T. Not to be confused here, LEDs aren’t the only drawback. Take a look at this Chamberlain B6753T vs B4643T comparison, to see what exactly you should get with each.

With its strong-belt drive, this garage door opener is quiet. Furthermore, the door settles very quietly on the floor. As you enter the garage, the light panel powers on automatically. Although the light is very bright, it’s highly directional.

Chamberlain B4643T has a built-in wide-view camera. With this feature, a homeowner can monitor the garage from a distance at any time. The ¾ HP belt-driven motor isn’t the most powerful in the market. However, it is strong enough to operate most garage doors smoothly.